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Your leadership
IS your marketing

I see you. You’ve been doing the 8 to 5 life for years, coming up with brilliant marketing ideas and finding the best solutions for your clients. But. There’s a catch. (There always is.) You’re ready to level up, to invest in yourself and start hitting more of your goals. The same old isn’t going to cut it—you need someone to bounce ideas off of. You need someone to help you improve your leadership skills and provide coaching that will help all areas of your life. That’s me.

I help marketers become great leaders.

About Me

I have built my reputation on connecting leadership and marketing for the last 4 years by utilizing my 23+ years of leadership experience.

I work with marketing leaders to master their leadership skills, improve professional relationships, and become empowered to make the right choices.

  • Master’s of Science in Management (with certifications in leadership, strategy, and organizational theory and behavior)
  • Multiple corporate leadership development program certifications (focus on people, sales, efficiency, and profitability); Situational Leadership from Ken Blanchard
  • US Air Force Leadership Development Program certification (focus on service, strategy, people skills, and developing team members)
  • Member of Global Leadership Summit/Network and Mental Models Club

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Your message is ready to be heard and you know that once you receive the next level 1:1 attention and support to get your voice heard that this will finally be your year to shine! Let’s get to work! Let’s launch your LDRBRND.

The Frenetic Nature of Hurry

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The Hustle Is a Hustle

Hey there!  It’s Gene Petrov- LDRBRND. Today I wanted to take a minute to talk about this idea of the hustle culture hype.  Let’s talk about what this word means. Hustle.  What does it mean to put that tiny modifier

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