Coaching that excels your leadership

Together, we create a foundation upon which you can build a successful life. My name is Gene Petrov. I’m the founder of LDRBRND and I’m here to help you master your leadership skills, improve your professional relationships, and become empowered to make the right choices.

My Experience

Your leadership IS your marketing

I see you. You’ve been doing the 8 to 5 life for years, coming up with brilliant marketing ideas and finding the best solutions for your clients. But. There’s a catch. (There always is.) You’re ready to level up, to invest in yourself and start hitting more of your goals. The same old isn’t going to cut it—you need someone to bounce ideas off of. You need someone to help you improve your leadership skills and provide coaching that will help all areas of your life. That’s me.

I help marketers become great leaders.

Holistic Coaching

Choose me, and I’ll be up in your business—literally. We’re discussing it all. If you want to be a better leader, you have to be better everywhere.

Individual Coaching

Personally talk to me two times a month on our 90-minute coaching calls. Learn from my 21 years of experience and get feedback on what you’re doing.

Online Accountability

In between our regularly scheduled coaching calls, I’ll be in contact with you through my online coaching software. This allows me to follow up and provide helpful exercises and resources as you need it.

Group Coaching

Peers are an invaluable tool that allows knowledge and experiences to be shared between each other. Connect with other high-caliber people who are similar to you.

This is about life-on-life.
Trust me and be vulnerable so I can help you.

Does It Really Work?

Yes, this works. There are many self-proclaimed gurus out there who over promise and under deliver. That’s not me. I strive to be a listening ear, to ask questions that allow me to dig deeper, and to bring to light the blind spots that are holding you back. I’ll keep you accountable for your own growth and show you the steps to take. Here’s how I do that.

My Process
Does It Really Work?

The Hustle Is a Hustle

Hey there! It’s Gene Petrov- LDRBRND. Today I wanted to take a minute to talk about this idea of the hustle culture hype. Let’s talk about what this word means. Hustle. What does it mean to put that tiny modifier “the” in front of it? Let’s go back to the basics. When I was growing […]

9 Powerful Leadership Lessons Inspired By My Daring Dad

My dad has always been a bit eccentric. He was the dad running down the sidelines of my youth soccer games yelling “kick the ball!” [I had people reminding me of this for years afterward.] He was the dad who processed all his thoughts externally. [This made pre-meal prayers excruciating as a kid.] He never […]

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