We Can’t All Be Leader Of The Pack

The sled would go in different directions.

This is the essence of Leadership vs Followership

Both are important in different ways

Many people speak about the importance of leadership. It is a skill that will propel us into the future. It acts as a counterweight to the always evolving technology. It focuses on humanity.

But let’s not forget the importance of being a good follower. Now some may cringe at this label. The truth is this:

If you have a boss, manager, supervisor, leader or someone above you in the chain of command, you are a follower.

The word itself is not negative.

There is no connotation that means someone is second class. In fact, we need more good followers to help carry out goals, visions, dreams, and strategies. The need is as great as the need for effective leaders.

You don’t need my permission but I’ll say this anyway:
There is no shame in being a follower.
You can be: — an individual who contributes to a team — loves what they do — finds joy, passion, purpose, and fulfillment in the work — works with awesome people

You don’t need any pressure to step into a leadership role.

It’s your life and you can live it whatever way you want.

If you don’t feel comfortable leading people, you don’t have to.

There is value in being part of the team.

Own it!

It irks me to see bosses and manager push people into a leadership position that is not a good fit. Sometimes this happens so the organization can have talent “on the bench.”

This is an overused sports metaphor. It means being able to fill positions as they open up.

In my Air Force days, we called this “next Airman up.”

Leadership is not a game where we yell “Next.” We need to be thoughtful and purposeful in finding the right people. This applies to both leader and follower roles.

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