Vision in Leadership: Understanding The Big Picture

Vision In Leadership Will Connect Small Tasks With The Big Picture Of The Organization

Welcome back to another edition of the Petrov LMC leadership and management blog!  I hope you enjoyed the previous post and the little preview I provided for you.

Connecting small tasks to the big picture is an essential function of leadership and one I think gets easily overlooked due to the hustle and bustle of every day work activities.  The leader is taking care of his or her people, customers, and other stakeholders, putting out fires, and relentlessly pursuing the greater vision of the organization.  However, is the leader making sure his or her subordinates understand how their contributions fit in to the grand scheme?

Leaders With Vision Are In Tune With The Vision Of Their Organization

First, the leader needs to be in tune with the current vision, if one exists.  A popular term nowadays is “vision casting.”  This is nothing more than explaining why the organization exists and what it wants to accomplish.  If a vision exists, hopefully it is not something thirteen bullet points long.  No one is going to remember all that.  A summarized version of the top two or three ideas will be much easier to remember and to rally the troops around.

If no vision exists, you may be in for a lengthy process.  The bigger the organization, the longer it will take.  If the organization wants a vision that resonates with its people, they will ask for and seriously consider the input from all the various ranks of the organization.  This will go a long way toward creating the “buy in” that is crucial for making progress toward that vision.

Leaders With Vision Understand The Affects On Their Team

In either scenario, the leader understands the vision and can break down how the vision affects his or her department (or team) and the various subordinate departments.  He or she should be able to further break down how individual actions contribute to the overall goal.  For instance, a seemingly small task like cleaning bathrooms or organizing a showroom can be explained as being attractive to people.  People will want to be places that are clean and inviting.  Whether it is a retail front or a house of worship, a filthy disheveled look will repulse people and distract from whatever they were trying to there in the first place.

Leaders With Vision Encourage Action And Pride Of Their Team

Further, the leader makes sure to encourage these actions as much as possible and instill a certain pride in doing them.  Once again, recognition will be an appropriate way to reinforce the concept of these small tasks fitting in to the bigger vision.  This can take place simply as a face to face thank you in the halls of the office or in a more formal setting (certificates of appreciation or a public ceremony for actions that had a larger impact).

Finding Inspiration From Stories Of Leadership And Vision

If you ever want to be inspired in this regard, look up John O’Leary and his book “On Fire.”  I first heard his story on a podcast (I want to say EntreLeadership or the Zig Ziglar Show) and it was amazing to hear how the janitor was an important part of the recovery effort for the 9 year old burn victim.  There was a guy who connected to the vision and purpose of that hospital.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post.  I’ll be back again soon with more on leadership and management topics!  Thanks and have a great day!

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