The pain is temporary but the growth is forever

Personal growth is uncomfortable!

Search your feelings you know this to be true. All Star Wars references aside, I know this statement to be true. Not only have I lived it, but also I have seen it in the lives of others.

No one comes into this world knowing everything. We go through a long process from the time we are young learning the world around us and how to adapt to it. Sometimes we learn the wrong things. These things happen.

❌ Sometimes parents don’t know.

❌ Sometimes it is teachers. Whatever the case, we have erroneous mindsets.

The important thing is:

What do we do when we learn we’ve been doing something the wrong way?

It’s taken me a long time to learn how to receive feedback. And even now I am not perfect in this regard. I’m still practicing how NOT to take feedback personally.

As long as this person is someone I trust, respect, and admire, I can receive that feedback. I know it comes from the right place — trying to help me be better. They have the right 💙 and so do I.

I don’t take feedback from anonymous people. They have no connection or relationship to me. How do I know they are actually looking out for my best interests?

We have a choice to make: ❓

🍑 Do we incorporate a new way of thinking, feeling, or doing into our current way?

🍑 If we choose to reject it completely, we are rejecting growth and there is no pain to deal with.

🍑 If we choose to incorporate the new, we are choosing to undergo a process that will include pain. 

It’s not physical pain but more psychological and emotional pain. It’s the pain of having to struggle with that new idea within the depths of our own character. It’s the pain of having to retrain ourselves.

It may shake us, but we persevere through the process knowing that there is beauty from the pain of that growth.

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