The Link Between Personal Growth And Success

First, let me ask you this: How do you define success?

Success is an interesting word.

It gets thrown around a lot. But there is no single way to define it. It varies from individual to individual.

For me, success ISN’T:

  • Doing whatever it takes to make money.
  • Buying the fanciest and most expensive whatever.
  • Dying with a huge accumulation of possessions.

Success IS:

  • Finding and fulfilling my purpose.
  • Using my God-given gifts to make this world better than I found it.
  • Using my talents to serve others.
  • Creating beautiful and authentic relationships with the people around me.

Impacting lives beyond my finite existence (the legacy I leave behind). Reverse engineering success, I see the link between it and personal growth. (I’d extend this to professional, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and psychological growth too). That’s not to say there is a guarantee of success. I’ve observed this correlation in high performers/achievers near to me and at a distance. I also can’t say to you that once you reach the pinnacle of success, there won’t be challenges beyond that.

The people who have invested in their own growth show tremendous resilience. It’s that resilience that helps to overcome calamities, struggles, and troubles. That resilience also helps to recover faster from that dip.

I’m no great athlete but what I understand is that the ability to recover is crucial to success. Physical, mental, and emotional stamina help the athlete achieve the heights of their profession.

We can view our lives like athletes where personal growth is part of the success regimen.
Success comes from disciplining our minds and bodies to grow a little bit each and every day.

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