The Entrepreneurial Journey is a lot like a Voyage into Space — The Final frontier

Welcome to the great unknown

That is what the journey of entrepreneurship can look like

Other phrases that come to mind:
– a walk on the wild side
– stretching ourselves and our creative muscles 💪
– blazing our own trails and staying off the beaten path

The journey is exciting and liberating. The possibilities are endless. The ability to pursue our passion gives us the energy to persevere. We want to change the world. We have plans. We think we have good plan…

But then this old adage comes to mind:

“No battle plan ever survives first contact with the enemy” by Helmuth von Moltke

So we have to change the plans. We flex, we branch out, and we pivot. It’s all part of the process of being an entrepreneur. Learn to embrace it. Learn to love it. Learn to plan for it. The brand or business you start today will be vastly different years from now.

That is if it survives the first contact with the enemy

Who is this enemy anyway?

It could be:

😡 the industry you are working in.

😡 the professionals/peers around you.

😡 the naysayers.

😡 the “it’s never been done that way” crowd

😡 family and friends who are “trying to help.”
😡 the enemy in our own head — our own doubt and disbelief.

Let me tell you that we all have been there. We have all experienced those nagging voices internally and externally. It’s par for the course as an entrepreneur.

It’s in the depths of those moments, when all seems so murky and scary, that the entrepreneur is tested.

🍑 Will we persevere?

🍑 Will we rise up and overcome the obstacles in our own heads and out in the real world?

🍑 Will we grab hold of our purpose — understanding and believing within our cores that the end will be worth it all?

🍑 I hope so. We need more big dreamers and doers.

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