Temperance and the LDRBRND

Injecting an old school word/concept into the mix

Temperance is not a word we read or hear much about these days. It has been in my brain since last week when I wrote about passion. In essence, I describe temperance as being level headed. Being cool, calm, and collected as the old saying goes.

There is an element of patience and balance rolled into it as well. The reason this word is even in my vocabulary is because of my background of faith. It is an arcane word that is very common throughout The Bible. But I’m not here to proselytize.

Instead, I am trying to draw on this word to bring to light it’s importance and connection within the framework of being a LDRBRND (pronounced leader brand).

If we want to be esteemed and find success in our modern marketing paradigm, we have to embrace leadership as the best route forward. In my mind, it all hinges on leadership.

Do you want to be successful personally?

Invest in your self- leadership

Do you want to be successful within your company and with your team?

Invest in growing leaders

Do you want to be successful in the marketplace and stand out from the competition?

Become a leader.

I am loathe to suggest leadership is a silver bullet of any kind. But I will say that leadership will cure many ailments. Because when leadership is lacking, it filters down to every level of the organization. It creates a lack of purpose, civility, and even ethics.

That’s not a LDRBRND.

A LDRBRND is marked with a high calling and a desire to serve above all else. It’s not a financial motivation, but an internal yearning to affect change for the better to as many people as possible.

So that brings us back to temperance. I’ll bring in this definition from our friends over at Websters dictionary:

moderation in action, thought, or feeling : RESTRAINT

I’m not talking about refraining from drinking alcohol. But a bigger concept that has implications for our branding, leadership, and marketing. Self control is a great way to think of it. But we can expand this further for our marketing and think of this as Brand Control.

It goes back to this idea of responding versus reacting. Leadership is not a careless and emotional reaction to outside forces. It is thoughtful and careful. It takes time to formulate ideas and opinions. It doesn’t give in to the heat of the moment. It is not influenced to action by peer pressure, endless repetition and forcefulness (or volume).

It’s careful, considered, and measured. Not in a way to be calculating and manipulative. It is still rooted in this deep and fundamental value of service. This temperance will serve us personally and professionally as we seek to create LDRBRNDs – the kind that stand the test of time.

Restraint means we can cling to our values and stand steadfast when other brands are failing due to their lack of ethics and oversight. Restraint means we are investing in the long term health and success of our brands. Even if we aren’t chasing every new trend in marketing.

It means that we have given significant time to evaluate a tactic to determine it’s alignment with our own organizations and the way we do things. It doesn’t yield to the mentality that we must be the first mover on everything. Temperance or balance is what we bring to the table.

When we see a trend in marketing that does align – we can focus on it. But we don’t abuse it. We don’t overload our customers with it. When we have moderation in mind, we are understanding our audience’s position. Empathy goes hand in hand with temperance.

Understanding creates the ability to be temperate. It goes both ways. It’s a chicken or egg situation.

When I talk about these characteristics of a LDRBRND – my hope is that we all can see how these traits are all intertwined. When we choose to disregard one, it has an affect on all. Leadership is such a big topic and it has so many elements. And it’s relevance to marketing is deep. But if I could sum it up one way:

Leadership is all about serving the needs of other people. Marketing is EXACTLY the same.

It’s educating

It’s helping

It’s training

It’s loving

It’s connecting

It’s creating community

It’s reaching into our own humanity and bringing that to every interaction we have.

When we do that, we create a LDRBRND.

I believe this is really the only way we can be a force for good for many years to come. Marketing tactics that treat people like dirt, like a number don’t work. Elevating people does work.

But how can we be doing any of that, if we haven’t figured out temperance. Restraint is necessary more and more. Just look at the way our social media works these days. Everyone has become so overheated and they vent on social. But this isn’t raising the discourse. It’s lowering it. It’s mostly gutter talk that resorts to name calling and abuse.

I don’t want to be associated with that. And I don’t think you want your brand to associated with it either. It is a balance. I’m not saying you can’t feel strongly about certain topics. But moderation helps us to understand where is the appropriate place for a discussion and when is the right time and who is the right audience.

Restraint helps us to take a moment to pause and reflect. We can ask ourselves:

How does what I am about to say connect with what I am trying to do here?

It takes some self-awareness and EQ to be able to do this. But when we do, we can answer from a more thoughtful place. We can see more of the possible permutations and outcomes. This is a skill that is so beneficial. Trying to see the end before we take action. Another important part of leadership.

Let me just say, I am an imperfect practitioner. I am trying. But sometimes I get it wrong. But that doesn’t mean I stop trying to pursue this high ideal. My failingS come from a business and personal side.

As a dad, I sometimes do react emotionally when my kids do something that goes against what I have taught them. It doesn’t matter if I’ve been training them from day one and we have been over it a million times. But I try to play the tape all the way to the end. When I react in anger, it doesn’t actually help my kids learn the lessons and behaviors they need to learn to be successful in life as an adult.

But when I can stop, breathe, and think about it, I can respond with kindness, love, and mercy. That goes a lot further as a parent.

But let’s not forget about the other side of the coin. I don’t let my kids try to manipulate their way out of a just discipline.

Temperance is a catalyst. It is a way to go deeper. When we ask the right questions of ourselves, we can get to core truths and principles. That is a place I love to operate from. That is a place I like to connect with people. When we are swimming around in the shallow end, it doesn’t make for deep connections.

That should be our goal as a LDRBRND. We connect deeply with people. We touch something that resonates with people on a soul level. When we do that, making super fans or raving fans is simply a byproduct.

When we operate from a principled approach, we are making a bold statement to the world. This is what we stand for and we are calling for others who feel the same to stand with us.

But how can we possibly get to that place by being emotional, reactive, and angry about everything?

We can’t.

Instead we need to have a measure response.

Not a knee jerk reaction.

Bu thoughtfulness.

I’ll share a bit from my personal story. A number of years ago, I was sitting in my church watching a short film about the horrors of human trafficking. I was disgusted by the practice and by the criminals who make money off the misery of others. It was a righteous indignation.

But my first response wasn’t to get angry and plaster my anger all over social media. Instead, I took a step back and said “How can I help here?”

Part of the answer was simply to educate myself about how and why this happened. Part of it was to take time in prayer. I felt like being connected to my creator would help me get clarity on how I should be involved. The process was deliberate but it also involved many smaller steps.

I got involved by giving small amounts of money to charities involved in this endeavor. One charity was Compassion – a faith based organization dedicated to help impoverished kids get food, medicine, and schooling. Another organization – IJM (International Justice Mission) – leveraged their efforts through the legal system to find and prosecute the traffickers.

I decided to support some of my friends who had adopted children from China, Ethiopia, and Kazakhstan by going to orphan events. Then ultimately my wife and I went on a 6 year journey to find, foster, and then adopt our triplets.

But none of that would have been possible by being emotional. Emotional reactions use up so much energy and they don’t get us where we need to be to accomplish our goals.

Moderation = maturity

Moderation = endurance

Moderation = effectiveness

The sooner we can learn the value of temperance, the more we can be living on purpose. Isn’t that something we all want?

It’s fashionable these days, for brands to be snarky and do clap backs on social media. We can attribute the start of this to Wendy’s but so many more brands are doing it too. But instead of it being a measured response to what their community wants, they simply do it to be en vogue. I wonder how many of these brands are actually seeing any legitimate impact (especially financial) from this course of action.

We need fewer feuds and more civil discourse.

We need brands that build up not tear down.

We need marketers that stand for something.

We need more leaders.

Has there ever been a time like now? Where the need for leadership has been greater? Where the clarion call goes out?

The only question is:

Do we respond?

The LDRBRND does.

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