Storytelling is NOT the Newest Marketing Fad. It’s a Real Long-Term Trend

Marketing is for everyone because everyone has a story to tell! 


What happens when we tell stories?

First, we have to recognize that stories have power.

They have the power to:

⚡ stir up emotion in us

⚡ motivate us to action

⚡ connect us with each other

⚡ create change in the world

Second, we have to understand that people LIKE to read, hear, watch, and share stories. Not any story. Stories that resonate and have a message worth sharing. Stories that are thoughtful, authentic, well-crafted and told in a compelling way.

Third, we have to realize that the story is the most important part. The story is the part that contains ALL our humanity. The message itself is secondary. The story is the part that spreads and ripples out to other people we aren’t connected to.

What happens when we withhold those stories?

We rob people of:

🍑 the blessing of learning from our experience

🍑 the joy of hearing that story

🍑 the impact of that story

🍑 the ability to share that story for the benefit of others.

Now I know this idea can be scary. I’ve been there. I’m still there in a small way. That’s okay. This is all a process for me. It will be for you too.

Remember: you are in control of your story. Share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.

What I did to feel comfortable is to weigh the risk of not sharing versus the benefit of sharing my story. When I thought about it from that perspective, the decision to share was easy. 

If I didn’t share my story, there would be a dearth of genuine and helpful stories.

Unscrupulous actors are only too ready and willing to fill that dearth.

My story exists to help others. What about your story friend?

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