Spreading Joy Through Leadership

Hello my fellow LDRBRND’s, this is Gene Petrov. Are you spreading joy through your own leadership?

I’ve had a lot going on over the last month. On the personal front, my family celebrated the 11th birthday of my triplets. On the professional side, I keep up a busy schedule of learning, researching, writing, teaching, and analyzing so I can serve you to the best of my ability. But I still wanted to touch base with you all about this very important topic:

Spreading joy through your leadership.

As a LDRBRND, you need to be all in on this concept of joy. Let’s jump in!

Where Does Joy Come From?

Before focusing on spreading joy through leadership, we first need to understand where joy actually comes from. How can you surround yourself with joy in your own life and spread it to other people? In anticipation of the holiday season coming up, there’s going to be a lot of talk about this idea of spreading joy.

Joy is a fundamental principle of LDRBRND. It comes from deep within, it permeates the whole entire person, and then it spreads outward. So if you don’t have joy on the inside, it’s going to be difficult (even impossible) to spread joy on the outside.

Going into this season, we’re dealing with post-election emotions (here in the US) and we’ve been dealing with the reality of the coronavirus. As a result, we’re seeing folks hanging up their Christmas trees and decorating the outside of their houses earlier than normal. If that’s something that alleviates a little bit of pain and suffering of 2020, I say go for it.

Defining Joy

With 2020 being a year riddled with confusion, pain, and uncertainty, we do whatever we can do to ease that and bring joy into people’s lives. But what is joy?

Defining this concept is crucial. I’ve defined it before, but you know it’s always great to go back to the basics and work up from there. Joy is not happiness. Happiness is a different idea. Being happy is an emotion, that’s a fleeting thing. It changes, moment by moment. One second you can be walking on clouds, then something crazy happens and gets you down in the dumps. The swing isn’t always so dramatic, but you get the idea. The point is:

Being happy is not the same thing as being joyous.

A joyful person is somebody who has a deep sense of peace. This person doesn’t let bad breaks or situations beyond their control fluster them. They have emotional maturity and resilience that helps them to weather the storms of life. They have a deep sense of contentment and gratitude. This person has a vital understanding that mistakes and failures don’t define their future. They have the ability to adjust and overcome. All these ideas work together to create that deep root of joy.

Joy Comes From Deep Within

My Christian faith plays a huge role in my sense of joy. It’s a rock solid foundation for joy, peace, comfort, and contentment.

It starts with a fundamental belief system. You may not have the same background, religion, etc as me but you’re finding joy in your own ways too. LDRBRNDs are the leaders, the companies, and the organizations that have a bedrock understanding that life is not about themselves. The universe doesn’t revolve around them. They have a greater purpose and find joy in fulfilling that purpose.

Somebody who’s spiritual has that strong foundation and understanding. They reframe life to focus away from self and toward other people. This, in turn, creates a deeper understanding of life. This cushions the blow of negative circumstances, and you’re able to roll with the punches better because you have that joy.

Joy is a deep fulfillment and a deep contentment. It is not based on momentary situations. If you’re going to assume the mantle of a LDRBRND, if you’re going to join this philosophy and this approach to your marketing and to your leadership, you’re going to have to come from a place of deep spiritual joy.

Spreading the Joy Through Leadership

A LDRBRND has a mission to not only keep that joy within yourself, but to spread that joy outward. First, you have to have a solid foundation of joy. You have to invest in keeping that joy alive within yourself. I spend time each morning with my Bible — in meditation, in prayer, connecting with God and acknowledging who I am. I’ve learned that the joy foundation within me needs daily construction.

Joy has to come from a place outside ourselves — bigger than ourselves, with a higher purpose and a higher intention, a greater focus. We have to invest in and develop our joy daily. It’s a muscle that we need to exercise and strengthen for it to be effective. I find this in meditation, prayer, journaling, and singing. It’s all part of the package. I’m investing in my spiritual life. In doing this, I’m growing, developing, and readying myself to be able to handle bigger circumstances.

The older I get, the more complicated life gets. The circumstances get trickier and the impact of our decisions becomes larger. We have to be investing in the fundamentals that bring us back to our spiritual center – a center of joy. You have to be intentional if you’re going to be a LDRBRND. So that we can better lead others to a place of joy.

Let Joy Be Infectious

The point of this post is not to seem judgemental. I’m trying to lay the roadmap for success as a LDRBRND, and joy is an important part of the equation. Let’s find the joy from that’s from a deeper place, as opposed to relying on momentary happiness.

We have to be almost infectious with our joy, Once we start spreading joy, it starts multiplying, and it has an exponential effect. Who are we impacting with our actions? Who is around us? I’ll admit that spreading the joy might be a bit more challenging this year, with the pandemic still going strong. We can still spread joy through mindful actions! We have to be willing to do the small work first and take baby steps to practice spreading joy.

Your leadership IS your marketing, making it more important to spread joy through your own leadership. Grow it and and make it something that resonates with people, brings people together and motivates them to action. Inspire people to dream bigger and do better. Teach them to have goals that are outside of themselves.

Lay the foundation brick by brick. Examine what’s around you. If you’re using social media, use it as a positive tool, and try to minimize negativity. Social media can be a wonderful means of connecting, especially in 2020, so utilize it for spreading joy. Let people know that you’re thinking about them, that you care about them, that you love them, and that if they need help that you’d love to help them. Be encouraging.

Let Joy Snowball Through Leadership

Do you find yourself limited in your resources? Find small ways to spread joy. Social media can be perfect for that. Invest in smaller touch points of joy over this coming season. (we need it now more than ever.) When you choose to spread joy, it will come back to you. It will come back to you in the form of people who are going to want to collaborate with you or people who want to be your customers.

They want to associate with and connect to people who are full of: joy, love, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, goodness, and self control. (Also known as the fruits of The Spirit from a Christian perspective.) These concepts bring people together. We all need these in this holiday season. How can we be a joy machine? How can we be full of so much joy that it oozes out of us and brings a smile to our faces, and to the faces of those around us, every single day.

We don’t spread joy for ourselves. Spread joy for other people. Your joy will impact others. We spread joy because we care about others. Spread joy. That is my holiday message to you.

I wish you all an amazing Christmas and holiday season! Be the LDRBRND you were born to be!

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