Marketing Issues To Be Aware Of In 2019 And Beyond

It’s no surprise that I see issues revolving around competition and complexity.

The market for people’s time and attention continues to expand and get noisier.

People’s time continues to shrink. They fill every conceivable nook and cranny of their lives with something. Sports, hobbies, entertainment, and more are all vying for time and attention.

The majority are in a continuous frenzy. They rush from one activity to another with no rest between. They have no margin or white space in their life. They’ve fallen into the trap of everlasting multitasking.

As a marketer, you can try to reach those people where they are. But prepare to yell a lot. Worse yet, prepare for people to tune you out and dismiss whatever you are selling. At the very least, people will consume your message in a deluge of gimmicky ads where the effect is zero.

Or you can make a choice: to connect with people who live an intentional life and meet them where they are.
But prepare to serve first, educate, and build a relationship over the long term. These are the people who will root out the frauds and manipulators.
They will also be the customers who create exponential impact. They will be a megaphone for your brand when you model generosity and consistency.

As for complexity: we have to realize that complexity increases as time passes. We can complain about it. Or we can create a path for doing things simpler.

Not everything has to scale. Nor should it. Human relationships don’t scale. They need time and energy to grow. But the tools and methods we use for our marketing scale. When they do, they can outgrow their usefulness and add unnecessary complexity.

We have to take a hard look at how we can Marie Kondo our marketing practices.

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