Success as a Leader: Teaching Leadership Principles

Leaders are all around us, some grow and some fail. So the question is: how do leaders succeed? The definition of success, in the dictionary, is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. But for real leaders, it’s more than that, in so many ways. I believe successful leadership is when we replicate when more leaders rise up. Good leaders create good leaders too.

But now the question is how do you replicate? How do you create great leaders? First, you yourself must be a learner, a student of the art of leadership. Learning never truly stops in our lifetime, and that is important to understand. You are a leader, but you must still be humble enough to know that you don’t know everything.

As you learn, teach your own students everything you know. It is not fair to hold back vital tips and lessons from them because you are scared they may be promoted over you. Success is a way of life, even if your students succeed you. So share your success, failures, and what you have learned about being a leader.

Encourage your students to become better leaders, even if some of them don’t yet hold official leader titles. Help give them confidence and courage for their future leadership roles, no matter when they will come. The kind of confidence and courage used in leadership roles can be useful in more than just leadership goals. Confidence can help in your personal life, and explain that if used outside a leadership role, it may show their managers that they are ready for that leadership position.

Leaders are seen all around the world. Some are good and change lives, others are bad and bring people down. Be the kind of leader that changes lives every day, every chance you get. So to help that, remember- success as a leader is less about vanity metrics and more about the lives you have touched and helped, and the people you have inspired to be leaders.

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