Inspiration Can Strike At Any Time For The Entrepreneur

So what are you doing to increase the odds of a strike?


Inspiration can strike at any time for the entrepreneur.


– It can be in the shower

– While out walking the dog

– At the gym

– While driving the car

The place doesn’t matter as much as the process.

That process includes:

– being observant

– seeing the world around us

– recognizing that there is a better way to do something

– being infinitely curious

– giving ourselves time and space to think, dream, and be creative

– being a problem solver (not a complainer)

When we do all these things, we set into motion a chain of events.

That chain leads us to a place where our minds are buzzing all the time.

That’s a good thing!

It means we are always taking in information and seeing how it matches up with the world around us. Then we can ask questions and come up with new possibilities!

I get excited about this!

It is a beautiful process — if we allow it to happen.

The big problem is that we’ve become too grown up in some ways.

As children, we laughed, played, dreamed and created.

We did this all for the joy of it.

Then that youthful playfulness, silliness, and creativity got stamped out of us. All in the name of growing up and preparing for “real life” as an adult.

This is the path we take sometimes. It’s done with the best of intentions. My parents encouraged me to get a “safe” job working in the government somewhere. I tried it (the military and a big corporation) and it wasn’t me.

It took me a long time to understand that about myself. I don’t blame my parents. They are a product of their generation and circumstances.

Job security is important to them.

I operate from a different perspective.

Creativity and freedom to dream are way more important to me than security.

I want to encourage you to be remarkable.

⚡ Release your inner child

⚡ Release your creativity

⚡ Release your entrepreneurial spirit

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