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An Introduction For New And Old Friends

If we’ve never met before (or even if we have), I thought it would be great to introduce myself and what I am doing with this new platform called Substack.

I’m Gene Petrov.

Dad of triplets.

Leadership coach.

Marketing enthusiast.

and all around good guy.

My primary job is being the stay at home dad to my 9 year old adopted triplets. As you can imagine, it’s a pretty big job. Taking care of their emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual needs is challenging. They are triplets, they are kids, they are unique individuals, and they have struggles. A background of neglect and abuse this landed them in foster care and in our home.

While the kids are in school I have roughly 7 hours to build something wonderful. That something is the side gig most of you see on social media (and especially on Twitter). There I connect with people, develop relationships, and nurture community around this big concept:

Injecting Greater Humanity Into Marketing Through Leadership

Here’s an example from a recent tweet:

This is a deep and important area. I didn’t have a marketing background when I started this journey of building a business/personal brand. I did have a wealth of experience in leading people and I wanted to bring my expertise and unique voice to an industry that needed it. So here I am.

But the story doesn’t end there. The brand that I am building is to serve something much bigger than me. If you have heard Simon Sinek speak recently, he talks about a “just cause” being an important part of playing the infinite game. I care deeply about building something that leaves a legacy and serves others well beyond my own life.

This ties back into the personal side: my kids and their journey through foster care and adoption.

Supporting me and my brand is about ultimately helping more kids in need (foster care and adoption). I envision this business as being a way to create more families and facilities that can help the kids that desperately need it. I need more help. I can’t possibly do this alone. But I can begin to connect and inspire people to this driving passion of mine.

This is no fly by night operation. I am here for the long haul. The vision I have in front of me may take 10, 15, or 20 years. But I am laying the groundwork now.

The mission is so important and I operate with this mindset:

If not now, when?

If not me, who?

Just like many content creators these days, I have struggled with how best to make this business work. How do I make money doing what I love to do (writing, teaching, leading) so I can fund the important work and vision in front of me?

Is it coaching?

Is it courses?

Is it a product?

Should I even be an entrepreneur?

Am I more of a freelancer?

Should I go back to working for a company?

I realized that struggling with all these questions and doubts is part of the process for me.

I have to make a path forward for me that makes sense and creates value in the marketplace for others.

Many of the marketers I have connected with over the last two years have talked about the importance of an email list and newsletter. The big draw being connecting with people privately and off social media platforms (rented land). I resisted because I had seen a lot of bad examples and quite honestly abuse and spam via email (bad marketers ruining good things).

I didn’t want to associate with that. I definitely didn’t want to add to the problem.

I want to be part of the movement that leads marketing into greater humanity.

But also I didn’t have the technical knowledge. I’m a people person. I love being able to use tech to make my life better. But the advanced stuff is better left to the pros (don’t ask me to do a DRIP email marketing campaign or run Facebook Advertising for you 😜). So I needed a tool to help me with an email newsletter.

Enter Substack

Substack is a platform for email newsletters. I plan to write and give my best stuff to people who subscribe. I won’t clog up email inboxes. I will deliver original valuable written content (long form) to people who want to read my thoughts. I cover leadership, marketing, personal growth, and even entrepreneurship. To start I will deliver a free biweekly newsletter. But I will also add in a paid piece of content between the free pieces.

So I hope you will subscribe. I hope you will find so much value that you will share with friends. And if you chose to support me and my endeavors through the paid option, I offer my gratitude in advance.

This cause – kids in need – is my life passion and only with partners is it possible to reach that bright future and beautiful vision.

If you want to connect with me further:





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