Here’s Why Entrepreneurship Is Important

Hint: It’s not about the Benjamins

Entrepreneurship is a way to:

— express creativity — connect with other like minds and souls — make something meaningful — fulfill a life’s purpose

Notice that I didn’t say anything about the money. Yes, money is important. We all have bills to pay. Money is a natural reward for a job well done.

What’s important is HOW we fulfill our calling to entrepreneurship.
Again, this begins with our WHY.

If we begin from a place of honesty, integrity, humility, adaptability, humanity, and service, we can be proud of HOW we conduct ourselves as entrepreneurs.

Even if we fail at one enterprise, we can begin again. This time with hope and incorporating the lessons we have learned along the way.
There is no shame. We can be proud that we dreamed of something big and had the courage to pursue making that dream a reality.

Too many people lead that life of quiet desperation. They feel that they should be, do, and have more. Yet they choose to play it safe. They choose an easy and defined path. They don’t know that the safe and easy path is the most replaceable.

The entrepreneur’s journey is not one of ease. It is a shroud. It is unknown. It is murky. It is not for the faint of heart.
Heart is exactly what we will need to persevere through the process of testing, learning, and adapting.

Heart is what will help keep the dream alive despite the naysayers.

Heart is what will propel us over, around, under, and through the many obstacles.

Heart is what will help us to overcome our own fears, misgivings, doubts, and naiveté on this incredible odyssey.

That is why entrepreneurs matter.

We are the ones who dare to follow our hearts.

Along the way, we develop critical skills like vision, bravery, determination, optimism, flexibility and even faith in our abilities.

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