Three Crucial Connections Between Motivation and Fundamental Leadership

The crucial connection between motivation and fundamental leadership cannot be ignored. Motivation means having a strong desire or reason to act or accomplish something. Effective leaders must have a talent for influencing motivation in employees. If employees are not motivated, productivity suffers and so does the bottom line. There is no blueprint on how to motivate employees, but here are 3 ways in which leadership is directly connected to motivation.

  1. What motivates your employees – Money seems to be the obvious answer when questioning what motivates people, but it’s not always the case. Some people are motivated by an adequate work-life balance while others are motivated by praise. Most employees appreciate a genuine interest in their lives, and as their manager, it’s a good idea to set up an individual meeting with each one to evaluate and determine what drives them and what their personal work-related goals are. Taking the time to get to know your employees makes them feel valued, not only as an employee but as a person, which motivates them to flourish.
  2. Combine your goals with the employee’s goals – Aligning your goals with that of your employees requires strategic planning and communication. Be specific when explaining the goals you’ve set and what you expect from them, but also consider what they strive to accomplish, and provide them with a path to achieve their goals along with yours. Incorporating your goals with their own shows the employee that you care about their personal success as much as the company’s success.

  3. Implement a fair system – Nobody likes favoritism, and it creates a hostile working environment. Fairness is a huge motivating aspect in the workplace. Incentive and reward programs should always be created using a fair system. Conduct fair compensation procedures, performance evaluations, and stay consistent with policies and procedures. Consistency and equality are essential in creating a working environment that is functional.

Effective leaders understand that increased productivity is directly linked to job satisfaction and job satisfaction has a crucial connection to motivation and fundamental leadership. As their leader, it’s imperative that you find ways to motivate your employees to encourage productivity and ensure job satisfaction. Leaders can’t force employees to be successful, but proper incentives, adequate compensation, and fair treatment are all valuable ways to motivate them.

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