Consistency is vital to the success of a LDRBRND

Show up regularly and serve the audience with our best

This certainly hits close to home. I definitely struggle with consistency in my own brand. Part of it is my dual role as dad and entrepreneur. When push comes to shove, I will choose my family each time. But what about the times when it isn’t family related?

Sometimes I am my own worst enemy. I fall victim to my own sloth. Many times it has to do with not being organized. I think I have relied on this crutch for far too long:

Creatives aren’t really organized. They suffocate when they aren’t given total freedom.

In a sense this could be right but I also see how perilous it can be to be given total autonomy.

We as creatives do need the space to let our creative juices flow and solve large and complicated problems. But it takes a good measure of discipline and self-control to be an entrepreneur and a successful creative and LDRBRND.

In this age, we need to be creating content that serves our audience in a tangible and beneficial way on a schedule. We build loyalty, trust, and expectation when we show up at the appointed time. We break trust when we fail to show up. Not that emergencies don’t happen. But they should be the exception and not the rule.

So, I haven’t done a great job here. The struggle is real for me as I take on physical, emotional, and mental fatigue. Part of it is I’m not taking care of my body the way I should. The physical side of things really does contribute to my effectiveness (or not) when it comes to creating content with consistency.

But I also have to get into a regular routine with content creation. For awhile I had been doing okay with it. I dedicated the first part of my morning to writing. I derailed myself a bit with the summer break and having kids. It’s definitely a lot harder to concentrate in an environment with 9 year old triplets. But I don’t want to rely on that excuse too much. There are certainly parents out there who do this double duty and do it well.

So I go back to my word of 2019: Enough. Am I doing enough? I definitely feel like No is the answer here. When I examine myself (striving not to be biased in one direction or the other), I honestly feel like I can do more. The word is also designed to help me avoid burnout (Am I doing too much?). It is also designed to help me remember that I am enough. My life is not validated by the work I do. I have immeasurable value and worth outside running a business.

It’s a tricky balance to maintain. But I believe so deeply in my purpose, abilities, and the impact I am supposed to have in this world. And if I don’t show up consistently, then I cant possible serve the people that need me most.

Consistency is hard. It requires a plan and follow through/execution. It has to leverage my strengths and ability to be in a place day in and day out. And I need to set aside some of my distractions (games I’m looking at you!) and be reminded of the importance of the work I am striving to do. Not that there isn’t a time and place for recreation. But it can get out of hand quickly.

I think that is the downside to my personality – intense focus can create amazing results in a short time. But I have to be on the lookout for addiction. Whether it is games, social media, food, or even fitness, there is a delicate tension that I have to maintain.

The other thing about consistency is that the more I show up in rhythm to do the work, the better I become as well. This is really important as I try to remain relevant and growing as a leader, marketer, parent, etc. Skills become dull when they are not used with regularity. That can be detrimental to my work (and really anyone’s work in this knowledge age). We are not cogs in these behemoths of machines.

So our businesses really rely upon us to move them forward. We have control and responsibility. There is an upside and a downside to that. We have freedom but we have to marry that to consistency in order to create effectiveness in out leadership and marketing.

Here’s a third point about consistency:

We have to remain consistent in our message and point of view. That helps us to become Known as Mark Schaefer wrote about. What is the central message we are trying to get out there in the world? We have to solidify that in our minds and then go out there and repeat it. The funny part is that I sometimes get sick of saying the same things over and over again (as a parent too). But the really important concept here is that our message only ever reaches a small percent of our audience (no matter the platform). So we need to be repeating it (without being spammy and turning people off). Creativity really helps here – how can we find alternate ways to convey the same message with different words or in different ways (video, audio, text). So consistency doesn’t meant we cant be expressing these thoughts in a variety of ways. But we have to be careful about things like tone, colors, word choice, visuals, etc.

But we can’t have any consistency if we don’t first have clarity.

What are we trying to accomplish?

Who are we trying to serve?

How do we best show up for our intended audience?

When and where is the best way to show up?

Clarity of purpose leads to consistency. But I can also see how the reverse can work too. What if I said that this is when/where/how I am going to show up with consistency. Then through that process I can get better clarity about who, what, and why. Either approach can work. But it’s paramount to pick one and stick to it. Dedication is key. Commitment makes it stronger in my mind.

But I feel like to just being responsible to myself doesn’t hold up well over time. I need that accountability from the outside. For instance, I have accountability to my wife and kids and that helps me to wake up every morning ready to do what needs to be done. But as a solopreneur, I don’t necessarily have accountability to someone else.

Sometimes I wonder if it is time for me to take my talents to another company. That would certainly enforce some discipline but it would limit my ability to shape the future of marketing. The trade offs are an important point to consider.

So how have I showed up consistently? Well Twitter and Twitter chats have been the biggest place and way. If I analyzed why, it’s because the platform just lends itself to my biggest strength – the written word. It’s also just fun to be engaged with people on that platform. Having it scheduled into my calendar has been a big way to stay consistent. But there have also been times of too many chats. Again there has to be the counterbalance. One chat a day is pretty much the most I can do successfully. But showing up on the other social platforms has been hard to do with any consistency. Part of it is that they just don’t stir my soul the same way.

Honestly I have been thinking a lot lately about offloading my SMM on other platforms to another entity/agency. This can free me up to be focused on doing what I do best. It’s probably time. I have to leverage my time and energy. Part of consistency is also deciding what I can’t do well or in a timely manner. That’s what the smartest people do – they dedicate themselves to the craft that they can do the best and show up consistently and with quality.

I also have to give myself a break by saying. Maybe I don’t need to show up every day. I get to set the schedule and the agenda. If every other week or even monthly is all I can do – so be it. They cool thing is I get to be in charge of this. I have to make it work for me and my particular situation.

But don’t lose the consistency of the message and the voice behind. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to outsource my writing. It’s the culmination of years of experience, practice, natural ability, and the journey I have been on all these years. My writing comes of naturally and beautifully and I owe it to people to give my heart and soul into it (which I strive to do anyway).

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