A Prescription for Peace in These Challenging Times

Are you sick of hearing about the c word yet (coronavirus or COVID-19)? Trust me. I get it. It’s all around us. It’s on everyone’s mind. It’s the reality of the time we are living in. I’m not a denier.

But I refuse to give in to the feeling of lostnesss, purposelessness, dismay, and misery. These are real feelings. It’s healthy to acknowledge them. But dont stay mired in those feelings. Resolve to get up and find a way to adapt to the situation.

We still live in a time of unprecedented wealth and freedom. Every time we feel like complaining, we should shut it down. Instead we should find two things to be grateful for. We can re-train our brains to automatically flip negative thoughts into positive.

Yes, people are scared and suffering. The way forward is nebulous at best. Businesses and jobs are being deeply affected by this. The future seems bleak. But the people who will make it through are the ones who dont fight the waves of change. They embrace the new paradigm.

They look for ways to improve themselves. They up level their skills. They see that needs are changing and look for ways to make themselves ready for when things turn for the better (which they will).

They also have a deep sense of peace. They recognize that Black Swan events occur. Disease, war, and economic busts happen. They have spiritual depth. They haven’t built their identities on something finite. They realize that there is something bigger out there.

Personally, I believe in God – the one who created this entire universe and keeps it working through His power. He is still in control. This gives me a deep sense of peace. I dont need to be panicking and snapping up groceries at the local store.

Calm is contagious. I want to help spread that. If we all work together we can ease the fears. Don’t feed it. There are enough people who are purposefully pumping up the level of fear for their own profits. Don’t help them.

Rather, look for ways to help others who are hurting. Help a neighbor. Give to a local food pantry. Volunteer your services for a non-profit. Pour into community using virtual methods.

Then have faith. We will get through this. How we get through this is up to us. We can choose fear or we can choose peace? I;m choosing peace and I hope you will too. Much love.


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